Beth Cavener Stitcher

This is the artist who has inspired the majority of my sculptures. I love that not only is her work beautifully put together but also has a lot of depth and meaning behind it. Each of her sculptures tell their own story.

She says that her sculptures are influenced by the people around her. Whether its a lady who was sat on the train next to her and she would imagine her life and background or whether its her friends and family who she knows on a deeper level. She also thinks of these characters as self portraits as they reflect her view of others and how they are effected by events around them.

Beth demonstrates her work to other artists to let them have a deeper understanding of how she makes each piece. Teaching others her techniques is also very fulfilling to her as she was taught that teaching others is a great experience.



Coiling is a building technique used to hand build pots (without the throwing wheel). You start off with a base, roll up a piece of clay and coil the clay around it. Then keep adding lay coils until it forms a cup. I used a salt shaker as a mould for this today but it can also be made free handed. using a wooden tool you can then smooth out the coil marks until the surface is completely flat and has a nice finish.

I like this method as its a quick and easy way to hand build vessels. These vessels may not have such a nice finish as ones thrown on the wheel but still are good as long as they are made correctly.

My attempts at throwing!

Throwing. The most common technique used for creating pots and in all honesty not my favourite. I have spent many hours practicing this technique but just can not quite seem to get a grip on it.

My very first attempts of throwing all turned out awfully. Every single pot I had thrown was too short, off centred and far too thick! Not one of these pots made it to firing.

My progress has got slightly better though… But not by much. My work is still slightly off centre and too thick but at least I am making pieces that resemble decent vessels. This would be my first successful pot!


There’s Many a slip from cup to lip

My very first project brief!

This brief would be an introduction of what I should expect from my course this year. Planning, experimentation and a lot of artist research would be the base and structure of a lot of my design work through out this brief.

I will be using this blog as a way to record my thought process and then progress on developing ideas and research which will hopefully help me in carrying out experiments with different techniques in building, decorating and firing each new vessel/ sculpture idea I can come up with.