Dissertation PDP

Writing a dissertation is quite possibly the most stressful pieces of academic researches I have ever had to do with that being said it was interesting to research in such depth and learn about the academic literature that revolves around the topic of the human psyche.

my dissertation was written about how an artists work can encapsulate the behaviours of flesh and skin to create an emotional response within a viewer to understand said piece of work through emotional understanding and recollection by analysing academical writings about human psychology when it comes to recognising the human physiological body. I wanted to find connections between my research reference material and case studies to identify what it takes to create a work of art that is subject to the human figure. I looked at writers such as Steven Connor and Maurice Merleau-Ponty and betty blandino to see what has already been written academically about the topics submitted in my dissertation.

I also looked at the case studies of multiple artists to see how through the materials with their mediums were able to create bodies of work that are reflective of the human Psyche. I wanted to see how they created pieces of work that inhabit the emotional gestures and understandings to make a connection with the artist desired audience.

For future reference I wish that I had given myself a more planned out and well revised time frame for the writing and research section of this dissertation.


New Materialism

How the Body Hides from View

The focus of the last session of new materialism was at how we view the world using our ‘dominant’ sense of sight. In western society particularly  our main sense of the world is through what we see although not completely ignoring our other senses. The use of all of our senses to experience space around us can sometimes be reflective in many  artists work.  This led to our first task. We were told to reach into a bag filled with small miscellaneous objects, pick one and without looking had to draw said object using only our sense of touch.

This is the image I drew through touch;



The first thing I noticed about my object was the metal bit attached to it. I realised it was a bit off a chain and then I could tell that the object was definitely a key ring but other that I could not figure out anything about it other than it felt like it was made from wood. It was smooth like it was varnished and I could feel small raises around the edges and the almost perfect circle at the front which fit around the tip of my finger.

Final image, drawing through observation;


So my object was a small wooden key ring of a dog. It was difficult to draw whilst blind because the most significant detail of this little dog was its basic shape. There was no texture or any tell tale details of this object for my to even start to guess what it was. When looking at it it seems so strange that I didn’t know what the object was just by touch. It shows that we really do rely on our eyes through day to day life and how we use our eyes to really make sense of this world.