Research and Development PDP

We have essentially been preparing for our final exhibition show since the very beginning of this school year. Our first project was the G-bowl exhibition for Llantarnam Grange which every ceramic student was involved in. The project was to create a final bowl/bowls that showed clear indications of our own personal artistic styles. this was given to us in preparation to hone our creative skills and desired making process in a way that we could develop on towards the final exhibition.

I am glad that we had that first project as I was still very unclear on what my creative making style was so this project gave me the chance to really think about what it was I wanted to do for my project. I am especially glad to have had the chance to make all my mistakes and adjustments in that first term. I had tried to over complicate things in both my concept as well as firing process. My original idea was to hand build bodies of work to then go through a primitive firing process with combustibles to create smoke fired pieces with colours that came from natural materials to resemble neutral tones within skin colour. The problem with this method was that it was my first time experimenting with this process and I had not considered the amount of time it would take to develop the desired colours as well as perfected firing method which would usual take a few months/years to get to grips with. As I had tried this method out in the first term I was able move on to a different firing process for my final exhibition pieces.

Though I had changed the method for my firing process I did realise that the actual making process I had decided to work with suited my creative style very well. I hand build my pieces because I found that the results for me looked a lot more sculptural rather than using a potters wheel. I do enjoy coil building as I find that it allows a lot more freedom within the making process. It does take a lot longer than using a potters wheel where you could turn out several pots in a day but I find the relaxing repetitive process quite meditative and also it allows me to really get in touch with my sensitivity towards hand building. It also ties in with my theme of intimacy as it is more like creating pieces that are individuals, spending the time to think about what shape these forms will take on whilst still handling, caressing and getting a real feel for the clay through the process. By taking time to build the individuals, my pieces are able to take on little playful personalities as the forms correspond with one another.

One thing I would like to do differently is to really think about the planning of time and also self discipline. Though I am happy with the results of my final pieces, I do think I could have create pieces of work to a much higher standard if I could just use my time efficiently rather than leaving everything to the last minute.


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