Professional Practice and Exhibition; PDP

Professional practice is a module that helps prepare the students for their professions in the future. We were given tasks in preparation for the future such as writing creative CV’s, applying for opportunities and writing a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), and also what we need to have an online presence. Over the course of two months we had lectures with maker tutor Ingrid Murphy to emphasise the importance of planning and preparing for the future at the present moment so that we have a step towards our careers. These lectures included going through information such as how to successfully set up a website, how to take professional quality photos of our art works, where to find funding sites as well as opportunities whether it be from volunteer work to international projects.

The first task we were given was to write a creative Cv specifically aimed to apply for anything involving art opportunities. The CV’s asked of us were just like a traditional one just with the addition of a brief artist statement, our skills specifically in arts as well as an eye-catching format so that it becomes more noticeable when applying to artists and galleries. Writing this CV was quite enjoyable as I already had a traditional one to add to. During my studies in uni I have been able to get involved with little projects that I was able to put down on this creative CV. Our second task was to have an online presence, whether that be an accessible digital portfolio or a personalised website displaying or work. Again I had already been working on my blog during the coarse of my studies as well as a professional instagram account displaying my final pieces created within uni. What I found to be more challenging was having to gain the confidence in order for me to apply for opportunities within the art community as well as applying for grants to help fund said opportunities.

Once we had gathered all of this information, completed our tasks and applied for new experiences, we had to keep evidence of all of this work within a professional practice powerpoint presentation. This presentation had to be 10-15 slides including all of the work above as well as the final exhibition set up. this will be presented a minute per slide in the near future.

The final part of this module was the actual setting up of our final exhibition show. THis was a full job within itself as there were many things the students and staff had to consider whilst the show was being put up. Things such as each individual students placement, how their work corresponded with the work of the students around their area, plinth creation and many other little things. I was fortunate enough to be sharing a plinth with another student so we were able to help each other with that. The set up specifically for my work went quite smoothly as it was only a matter of figuring out how I wanted to curate the positioning of my pieces and I had already roughly figured out through the creation of them as they had specific places to sit and were made in thought of each other. There were a few things I would do differently in the future such as getting more involved with the assigned buddies so not to pile up too many small jobs for myself and focus more on my work and also better curatorial planning.




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