Catalogue Images

These were the images that were uploaded to the catalogue. The bases I were pleased with but because I had the terra sig fail in the spraying process and these were the only set I had at the time I had to use my second terra sig application attempt so I feel that they let down the pictures quite a lot.

Bases out of the kiln

The grogged black clay is a high fired stoneware clay and I always find that the high temperature firings can get quite risky and are more likely to end with kiln disasters. I was very pleased to see they had survived with no damage. I was taking all the precautions such as making sure that the basis were 100% dry before being loaded into the kiln as well as cutting holes into the bottom of the bases to allow air to escape during the firing. This is the opening of that kiln;


I was really pleased with these results. I really like the how the texture of the grog is prominent against the deep black colouration of the clay body. I didn’t realise though just how much these bases were going to shrink in the kiln so did leave the areas where the white vessels are to sit a little tighter than planned but not too much so wasn’t too disappointed, I will just have to get some adhesive to make sure they sit securely for the show.

LF Vessels

After the results of my first set of pots i decided to make a few changes to the form. Still sticking to the form of the pots being carefree, playful and being masculine (somewhat phallic) in opposition of the feminine bases I did want to down size them as to help with time consumption as well as stability (the length of them against their own rounded basis left them very unbalanced). It was also important for them to be in proportion to the black based forms and this is the results of those new features;



I had already applied terra sigillata by this point but as I was in a rush to get them into the kiln they were still leather hard whilst I sprayed them and that left a few drips and uneven patches on them so Im not quite sure on what the results would be after firing them.