Formative Assessment

FOrmative 3

This presentation is a brief overview of my progress so far as well as looking into my future development.


Tina Vlassopulus


These are some reference images I took from ceramic artist Tina Vlassopulus. The first thing about these works that caught my eye was the gesture of playful movement within the ceramic forms. There is also a suggestion towards the human figure within the ambiguous shapes that these forms take. I am also attracted to the subtle colouration displayed on the works. Vlassopulus uses a stained clay body to achieve these sophisticated colours that really adds to the elegance of her ceramics.

Vlassopulus’s work is influenced by characteristics in friendship, conversation and also influenced by the natural world around her. These influences are intelligently carried out through the ceramic forms and placement within curation. I am also interested in creating pieces that hold conversations within themselves but in a more intimate manor and setting and it is due to the concept that Tina Vlassopulus’s work was brought to my attention.

Personal Statement

My work explores the human figure in an expressive manor that mimics the subtle movements gestured between bodies within a formed relationship. These movements seen by the sensual ceramic forms combined with the composition of the ceramic body of work echoes a conversation between the works.

The form my vessels are taking on are sourced from the nude figure. With the information I have gathered through sketching I have been drawn to make interpretations of the figurative form that gesture towards the sense of movement and I created this in white grogged stoneware vessels. I have got this result through coiling which allows sensitivity towards creating the specific shape desired. The terra sigilata was applied through spraying it onto the surface of the vesselsĀ  which then emulates the texture of skin through the image of pores.

Through the process of making, decorating and displaying my vessels, it seems that they form a conversation between themselves as vessels and bodies. Displayed on a bed of clay the sense of intimacy is prevalent within the scene.