Research and Development

REaseach an ddevelopement

12 Week Project plan:

  • I will begin this project with 2 dimensional drawings,  planning out the form of my bowls through investing the body and gesture. This will be done by attending the life drawing lessons.
  • Through these drawings I will develop a rough plan of the surface by painting in water colour.
  •  When I am happy with the 2 dimensional plans I will then move on to create many test tiles as well as maquette’s. These test pieces will be saggar fired, experimenting with different combustible materials and finding the correct colour pallet that is relevant to my project.
  • The next step would be to start with the building process. I plan to use two building techniques for this project an that would be press molding as well as coil building to try and assemble an organic form.
  • According to the results of my test tiles I will be wrapping my bowl(s) with tin foil to create a makeshift saggar and sprinkling said bowl with oxides as well as numerous natural materials to burn against the clay body. This will leave different markings and colours (that hopefully would be fleshy tones) against the surface.