I plan to base this project around the porcelain dog figures I saw in St Fagans but I am going to put my own twist on them. I actually don’t like the dogs themselves as objects but I like the meaning behind them. As I looked into the history behind the porcelain dogs I noticed that they were a sign of wealth or give the image of wealth being that the dog breed was a spaniel and admired by royalty. I would like my work to look just as rich and have a wealthy feel about them but Im going to put my own twist on it.

I really don’t like the kitsch designs of the little spaniels. I find them kind of off putting, mostly in the way that their faces are glazed. They are always manufactured in the same position and even though they’re hand crafted and glazed so each model is different yet I still find them extremely repetitive. I think that the simple glazing on the white body looks quite basic. Nothing stands out on these dogs yet they were still so popular. I do however like the one finishing touch, the gold collar and chains. that is what I really want to focus on during this project.

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