My attempts at throwing!

Throwing. The most common technique used for creating pots and in all honesty not my favourite. I have spent many hours practicing this technique but just can not quite seem to get a grip on it.

My very first attempts of throwing all turned out awfully. Every single pot I had thrown was too short, off centred and far too thick! Not one of these pots made it to firing.

My progress has got slightly better though… But not by much. My work is still slightly off centre and too thick but at least I am making pieces that resemble decent vessels. This would be my first successful pot!


There’s Many a slip from cup to lip

My very first project brief!

This brief would be an introduction of what I should expect from my course this year. Planning, experimentation and a lot of artist research would be the base and structure of a lot of my design work through out this brief.

I will be using this blog as a way to record my thought process and then progress on developing ideas and research which will hopefully help me in carrying out experiments with different techniques in building, decorating and firing each new vessel/ sculpture idea I can come up with.